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If one picture is worth a thousand words, then a set of moving pictures is surely worth thousands more. At Salesforce B2C Commerce, we've assembled an assortment of informative and instructional videos to help you learn more about B2C Commerce Business Manager. We continue to add new titles, so check back often.

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Edit Products in Product Manager title screen

Edit Products in Business Manager

  • Access and edit product details
  • Edit product settings for a single product and products in bulk

Business Manager Product Search title screen

Business Manager Product Search

  • Run a Simple Search
  • Search by ID
  • Setup and run the Advanced Search

Create Product Sets in Business Manager title screen

Create Product Sets in Business Manager

  • Create a product set
  • Assign product set to a category
  • Assign products to a product set
  • Rebuild the Search Index.

Create Categories title screen

Create Categories

  • Create categories
  • Create subcategories
  • Change the category display order

Assign Products to Categories title screen

Assign Products to Categories

  • Assign products to a category
  • Assign multiple products to multiple categories
  • Remove products from categories

Category Attribute Definitions video screenshot

Category Attribute Definitions

  • Create a category attribute definition
  • Add a category attributed definition to a category group
  • Set an attribute value for a category

Create a Category Attribute video screenshot

Create a Simple Product Promotion

  • Create a simple product promotion

Enable the Profile Data Connector video screenshot

Enable the Profile Data Connector

  • Send shopper profile data via Einstein APIs
  • Configure shopper profile rules
  • Preview Einstein Recommendations

B2C Commerce Service Center Demo title screen

B2C Commerce Customer Service Center Demo

  • Use the B2C Commerce Service Center.