A/B Test Participants

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An A/B test always includes participants.

You can define A/B test participants with these settings:

  • One or more customer groups
  • An expiration policy that defines when participation is valid.
Name Active Use case
Per Session Active for the duration of a session. You want to provide different experience each time the customer visits the site.
Per Customer Active only when a customer is logged in. Is active across all devices for a single customer. Lasts for the duration of the test. You're only dealing with logged-in customers and want them to have the same experience on every device they use. Per Customer participants only applies to logged in customers.
Per Browser Active for all sessions on a browser. Lasts for the duration of the test. You want a customer to have the same experience on a browser for the duration of the test, regardless of whether the customer is logged in.

When you define your participants, you can define the test segments to expose to the participant group so that they see specific visual changes. A control group segment continues to see the site without changes.

Test results show the performance of the site for each participant segment in terms of conversion-related metrics, such as orders, revenue, units, and prices. Sometimes, the collected data has statistically significant results. In other cases, it doesn't. You can apply the changes to the site that were in effect for any test group.

A customer can only participate in one A/B test at a time. However, a single customer can participate in multiple segments of a single A/B test when participation expiration is set to Per Customer. You can enable or disable multiple participation in a single A/B test segment with the Allow Multiple Participations site preference. The recommended setting is False.


You can have up to five test segments within a test, including the control group segment, so four user-defined segments total.