Roles and Permissions

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We recommend limiting access to modules to only users who use the module. To restrict and grant access to modules, use roles and permissions. When properly configured, a user who logs into B2C Commerce sees only the modules that they need to perform their job. This eliminates confusion and increases the security of the organization.

Note: Roles and permissions described here are for Business Manager users only and not for storefront customers.


Roles represent groupings of permissions. They're defined in the context of an organization. You can assign multiple roles to a user and associate these roles with permissions. A user owns the permissions assigned to each of their roles. B2C Commerce defines sample roles for the SiteGenesis application site, such as the administrator role. This role has permissions on all Business Manager modules below the Administration menu. You can create your own roles depending on your specific needs for the site's organization.


You can configure Business Manager module permissions and functional permissions. Module permissions include the ability to transfer, replicate, and edit B2C Commerce data. You can also let users log in on behalf of a shopper or as a shopper, which is useful for support. You can specify read or write access for most data, for one or more sites or across all sites in an organization.

Functional permissions let a user perform specific functions in B2C Commerce. To edit data, functional permissions must be combined with Business Manage module permissions. You can also grant WebDAV permissions.

To view a list of all users assigned to a specific permissions, audit a permission.

Business Manager Example

This example assumes you have multiple sites and need to assign different levels of permissions for different users.

User Name Title Access Needs
Marie VP of Marketing Views pricing and inventory for all sites. Views content assets for all sites.
Traude Site Merchandiser View and edit storefront catalog, pricing and inventory. A site merchandiser is particularly important if there are multiple business running on the same realm that don't want to share data. The site merchandiser can only see data for their site, not data for other sites.
Lucas Site Administrator Cannot view catalog, pricing, or inventory data. Can transfer data via WebDAV. Can replicate data. Can import or export data. Can run jobs.
Henry eCommerce Developer Needs full access to catalog, pricing, and inventory data across all sites. Permission to transfer data via WebDAV or replicate data. These permissions only function for his sandbox.

As a first step, you need to create roles.

Role Business Manager Permissions Functional Permissions

For each site, add the following site permissions:

  • Products and Catalogs
  • Content
No permissions assigned.

For a specific site, add the following site permissions:

  • Products and Catalogs
  • Content
  • Search
  • Online Marketing
  • Ordering
  • Analytics

Assign these:

  • Manage_Site_Catalog
  • Manage_Site_PriceBooks
  • Manage_Site_Inventory

Add the following organization permissions:

  • Replication
  • Site Development module, Import & Export and Site Import & Export
  • Operations

For a specific site, add the following site permissions:

  • All Batch Processes
  • All Import & Export modules

Assign these:

  • Replication_Run_For_Org
  • WebDAV_Realm_Access
  • WebDAV_Manage_Customization
  • WebDAV_Transfer_Files
  • All Site Development modules
  • Operations - Custom Log Settings, Pipeline Profiler

No permissions assigned.

After you have created the roles, you can assign users to them.

Role Permissions




Note: If you wanted Traude to be able to view prices and inventory for all sites, but only be able to edit the data for her site, you could add her to the corporate role.
Edward support_rep


Henry developer