Name Description
AbstractItem An item which references, or in other words is based upon, an OrderItem.
AbstractItemCtnr Basis for item-based objects stemming from a single Order, with these common properties (Invoice is used as an example): The object has been created from an Order accessible using getOrder()Contains a collection of items, each item related to exactly one OrderItem which in turn represents an extension to one of the order ProductLineItem or one ShippingLineItem.
Appeasement The Appeasement represents a shopper request for an order credit.
AppeasementItem Represents an item of an Appeasement which is associated with one OrderItem usually representing an Order ProductLineItem.
Basket The Basket class represents a shopping cart.
BasketMgr Provides static helper methods for managing baskets.
BonusDiscountLineItem Line item representing an applied BonusChoiceDiscount in a LineItemCtnr.
CouponLineItem The CouponLineItem class is used to store redeemed coupons in the Basket.
CreateAgentBasketLimitExceededException This exception is thrown by BasketMgr.createAgentBasket() to indicate that the open agent basket limit for the current session customer is already reached, and therefore no new agent basket could be created.
CreateBasketFromOrderException This APIException is thrown by method BasketMgr.createBasketFromOrder(Order) to indicate no Basket could be created from the Order.
CreateCouponLineItemException This exception could be thrown by LineItemCtnr.createCouponLineItem(String, Boolean) when the provided coupon code is invalid.
CreateOrderException This APIException is thrown by method OrderMgr.createOrder(Basket, String) to indicate no Order could be created from the Basket.
CreateTemporaryBasketLimitExceededException This exception is thrown by BasketMgr.createTemporaryBasket() to indicate that the open temporary basket limit for the current session customer is already reached, and therefore no new temporary basket could be created.
GiftCertificate Represents a Gift Certificate that can be used to purchase products.
GiftCertificateLineItem Represents a Gift Certificate line item in the cart.
GiftCertificateMgr The GiftCertificateMgr class contains a set of static methods for interacting with GiftCertificates.
GiftCertificateStatusCodes Helper class containing status codes for the various errors that can occur when redeeming a gift certificate.
Invoice The Invoice can be a debit or credit invoice, and is created from custom scripts using one of the methods ShippingOrder.createInvoice(String), Appeasement.createInvoice(String), ReturnCase.createInvoice(String) or Return.createInvoice(String).
InvoiceItem Represents a specific item in an Invoice.
LineItem Common line item base class.
LineItemCtnr A container for line items, such as ProductLineItems, CouponLineItems, GiftCertificateLineItems.
Order The Order class represents an order.
OrderAddress The Address class represents a customer's address.
OrderItem Defines extensions to ProductLineItems and ShippingLineItems belonging to an order.
OrderMgr Provides static helper methods for managing orders.
OrderPaymentInstrument Represents any payment instrument used to pay orders, such as credit card or bank transfer.
OrderProcessStatusCodes Contains constants representing different status codes for interacting with an order, such as cancelling or editing an order.
PaymentCard Represents payment cards and provides methods to access the payment card attributes and status.
PaymentInstrument Base class for payment instrument either stored in the customers profile or related to an order.
PaymentMethod The PaymentMethod class represents a logical type of payment a customer can make in the storefront.
PaymentMgr PaymentMgr is used to access payment methods and payment cards of the current site.
PaymentProcessor A PaymentProcessor represents an entity that processes payments of one or more types.
PaymentStatusCodes Helper class containing status codes for the various errors that can occur when validating a payment card.
PaymentTransaction The PaymentTransaction class represents a payment transaction.
PriceAdjustment The PriceAdjustment class represents an adjustment to the price of an order.
PriceAdjustmentLimitTypes Helper class containing price adjustment limit types.
ProductLineItem Represents a specific product line item.
ProductShippingCost Instances of ProductShippingCost represent product specific shipping costs.
ProductShippingLineItem Represents a specific line item in a shipment.
ProductShippingModel Instances of ProductShippingModel provide access to product-level shipping information, such as applicable or inapplicable shipping methods and shipping cost defined for the product for a specified shipping method.
Return The Return represents a physical customer return, and contains 1..n ReturnItems.
ReturnCase All returns exist in the context of a ReturnCase, each Order can have any number of ReturnCases.
ReturnCaseItem An item of a ReturnCase, created using method ReturnCase.createItem(String).
ReturnItem An item of a Return, created using Return.createItem(String).
Shipment Represents an order shipment.
ShipmentShippingCost Represents shipping cost applied to shipments.
ShipmentShippingModel Instances of ShipmentShippingModel provide access to shipment-level shipping information, such as applicable and inapplicable shipping methods and shipping cost.
ShippingLineItem Represents a specific line item in a shipment.
ShippingLocation Represents a specific location for a shipment.
ShippingMethod ShippingMethod represents how the shipment will be shipped.
ShippingMgr Provides methods to access the shipping information.
ShippingOrder A shipping order is used to specify items that should be shipped, and is typically exported to, and updated by a back-office warehouse management system.
ShippingOrderItem One or more ShippingOrderItems are contained in a ShippingOrder, created using ShippingOrder.createShippingOrderItem(OrderItem, Quantity) and can be retrieved by ShippingOrder.getItems().
SumItem Container used to represent an subtotal or grandtotal item which contains various prices and a tax breakdown held in a collection of tax-items.
TaxGroup Contains the formal definition of a tax including a type (it's just the key), a percentage value if provided, a caption and a description.
TaxItem An item containing tax information allowing a tax breakdown between a number of TaxGroups.
TaxMgr Provides methods to access the tax table.
TrackingInfo Provides basic information about a tracking info.
TrackingRef Provides basic information about the TrackingInfo a ShippingOrderItem is contained.