Batch Processing

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Use batch processes for certain Business Manager tasks related to catalogs, categories, customers and products.

You can... From the Business Manager section...
  • Update/delete product attributes
  • Assign products to a catalog category
  • Unassign products from a catalog category
  • Copy products
  • Delete products
Products and Catalogs > Products
  • Update/delete category attributes
  • Copy categories
  • Delete categories
Products and Catalogs > Catalogs
  • Delete customers

When you use batch processing from these Business Manager modules, results appear in two sections: Batch Processes in Progress and Completed Batch Processes. See also Edit Multiple Products.

Completed batch processes appear in a table with this information:

  • Description: Click to learn more about the process
  • Start
  • Duration
  • Status: Error, if the process failed, or Success

Failed Processes

Similar to the import/export overview page, the batch process page lets you view additional information about a process if it fails. The log file overview provides a summary of the log file contents.

If an error results, click the link at the bottom of the page to download the log file. If the process completed successfully, there will be no log file.

Though you can view the log files from the Batch Processing module, the log files are physically stored in the Import/Export log directory, for example, ...\sharedata\sites\Sites-Site\units\Sites\impex\log\Batch-Customer-20100128192425062.log

To conform to the import/export log directory's naming convention, the file name follows the pattern: Batch-<Business Manager module name>-<time stamp>.log. The log file can contain WARN, ERROR, or FATAL log messages. To see why a process failed, click the Download log file link and review the entries.

See Understanding Log Files.

The following is an example of when a customer can't be removed during the batch process.

[2014-01-28 18:43:00.312 GMT] ERROR JobThread|5686434|Customer|ProcessBatchJob-Start system.core Unable to delete Customer with No. S00000001

Batch Processing Interface

Product/catalog batch processing and customer batch processing are not combined into the same interface. View the results of either from their respective Business Manager sections. For example, you can view customer batch processes by selecting site > Merchant Tools > Customers > Batch Processing, but not by selecting site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Batch Processes.