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Name Description
ClickStream Represents the click stream in the session.
ClickStreamEntry Represent an entry in the click stream.
Cookie Represents an HTTP cookie used for storing information on a client browser.
Cookies The class provides an index and associative array like access to the Cookies of the current request.
CSRFProtection Used to generate and validate CSRF tokens.
Form The class is the top level element in the form instance hierachy.
FormAction The FormAction class represents the action in form instance hierarchy.
FormElement Represents a form element.
FormElementValidationResult Represents a form element validation result.
FormField Represents a field in a form.
FormFieldOption Represents an option for a form field.
FormFieldOptions The class represents the list of options for a field.
FormGroup The class is the central class within the whole form handling.
FormList Represents a list of forms.
FormListItem Represents an item in a form list.
Forms The Forms object provides access to all current forms in the session.
HttpParameter Represents an HTTP parameter.
HttpParameterMap A map of HTTP parameters.
LoopIterator Iterator used in implementation.
PageMetaData Contains meta data about the page.
PageMetaTag Page meta tags are used in HTML documents to provide structured data about a web page.
PagingModel A page model is a helper class to apply a pages to a collection of elements or an iterator of elements and supports creating URLs for continued paging through the elements.
Resource Library class which provides methods for retrieving messages from properties resource bundles which contain locale-specific strings.
URL Represents a URL in Commerce Cloud Digital.
URLAction The class is needed for the URL creation within template processing.
URLParameter This class represents a key-value-pair for URL parameters.
URLRedirect Represents a URLRedirect in Commerce Cloud Digital.
URLRedirectMgr URLRedirect manager class.
URLUtils URL utility class.