Custom Objects

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Custom objects enable you to extend the Salesforce B2C Commerce model to suit your business needs.

Custom object types are created for an organization and are then available to use in all storefronts defined for the organization. You can choose, when creating instances of the object, whether to make the instances site-specific or organization-wide.

Custom objects can be stored globally, which makes the instances available to the entire organization and all sites; or locally, that is, per site. The custom object type itself is always available to the entire organization.

Note: Custom object attributes can't be used in search refinement.

You use two Business Manager modules to create and manage custom objects:

  • Custom Object Types: Use to create custom object types by selecting Administration > Site Development > Custom Object Types.
  • Custom Objects: Use to create custom objects by selecting site > Custom Objects > Custom Object Editor.
Note: Localizable attributes for custom objects are deprecated.