Analytics: Exclude Internal Traffic

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The Business Manager Analytics reports are retired. As of January 1, 2021, the reports are no longer populated. Use the historical reports to review metrics published before January 1, 2021. To access current data with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, use the Reports & Dashboards.

Note: This task doesn't apply to Reports & Dashboards.

You can exclude internal traffic from some Technical Reports in Business Manager Analytics. Internal traffic can be filtered out by providing specific IP addresses or IP address patterns.

This setting is only relevant on a Production instance, and isn't included in the data replication process.

  1. Select Administration > Global Preferences > Analytics.
  2. In the text field, enter specific IP addresses or IP address patterns.
    • Enter each IP address or IP address pattern on a separate line.
    • Use the standard IP address format: for example,
    • Use the standard IP address pattern: '*' as a wildcard the for IP address octet, for example, 192.240.180.*; or a range, for example,
    • Enter up to 100 IP addresses and IP address patterns.
    • Empty lines and comment lines starting with '#' are permitted.
  3. Click Save or Restore last valid setting.