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Name Description
AgentUserStatusCodes AgentUserStatusCodes contains constants representing status codes that can be used with a Status object to indicate the success or failure of the agent user login process.Deprecated:see AgentUserStatusCodes - this class should only be used for the LoginAgentUser / LoginOnBehalfCustomer pipeletsSee Also:Status
Cache The Cache class represents a custom cache.
CacheMgr The CacheMgr class is the entry point for using custom caches.
HookMgr This class provides functionality to call hooks.
InternalObject Class used to wrap internal objects to hide them from B2C Commerce Script code.
JobProcessMonitor Reserved for future use.
Log A log4j like logger instance.
Logger The Logger class provides logging utility methods.
LogNDC A Nested Diagnostic Context, or NDC in short, is an instrument to distinguish interleaved log output from different sources.
OrganizationPreferences OrganizationPreferences is a container for custom global (i.e.
Pipeline A helper for executing pipelines from JavaScript.
PipelineDictionary The class provides access to the values in the pipeline dictionary.
RemoteInclude The class represents a remote include value that can be assigned to JSON Object properties.
Request Represents a request in Commerce Cloud Digital.
RequestHooks This class represents all script hooks that can be registered to receive notifications about storefront requests.
Response Represents an HTTP response in Commerce Cloud Digital.
RESTErrorResponse Represents a REST error response that is compliant with RFC 9457.
RESTResponseMgr This class provides helper methods for creating REST error and success responses.
RESTSuccessResponse This class represents a REST success response that is compliant with the RFC standards.
SearchStatus A SearchStatus is used for communicating a Search API status back to a client.
Session Represents a session in B2C Commerce.
Site This class represents a site in Commerce Cloud Digital and provides access to several site-level configuration values which are managed from within the Business Manager.
SitePreferences SitePreferences is a container for custom site-level attributes.
Status A Status is used for communicating an API status code back to a client.
StatusItem A StatusItem holds all the status information.
System Represents the Commerce Cloud Digital server instance.
Transaction Represents the current transaction.