Set Feature Switches (Toggles)

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Salesforce B2C Commerce sometimes introduces new features that are disabled by default, because they could disrupt your existing sites.

For example, a new feature changes a fundamental system behavior in a non-backward-compatible way. Make sure that your sites are prepared for the change before you enable the feature. Feature switches let you enable new features only when you are ready, and not before.

In general, first enable a feature on one or more of your SIG instances (sandboxes) and test your site modifications. Only enable the feature on your PIG instances when you’re confident that your changes work as expected.

To enable a feature using a feature switch (toggle), perform the following steps:

  1. Select Administration > Global Preferences > Feature Switches.
    The Feature Toggles page opens. This page contains zero or more features. If the page contains no feature toggles, it shows the following message: There are currently no visible feature toggles.
  2. Check the features that you want to enable.
    For any feature toggle that is visible on this page, an administrator can have read-only or read-write permissions.
  3. Click Apply.