Cross Cloud Trust

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Tenant groups enable easy configuration and trust setup across clouds and services. A Salesforce super tenant can add a B2C Commerce realm as a member of its tenant group. Members of a tenant group can share data among themselves without requiring configuration of various one-way trust relationships. This simplifies creation of data sharing policies. A tenant group is created by an anchor tenant. For B2C Commerce, the anchor tenant is always a Salesforce tenant and is called as a super tenant. The super tenant owns the tenant group and its memberships. Creation of supertenant and tenant groups is done in Salesforce. Salesforce is also responsible for adding or removing members from the tenant group. Salesforce initiates a two-way handshake with B2C Commerce to add it to a tenant group. This two-way handshake involves the B2C Commerce cross-cloud tenant group provisioning service. Each B2C Commerce tenant can be a member of only one tenant group.

Note: The Cross Cloud Trust preference settings are empty until after the two-way handshake is completed. At present, Salesforce tenants cannot initiate this handshake, so the settings are empty.

To view the cross-cloud tenant group settings:

  1. Select Administration > Global Preferences > Cross Cloud Trust.
  2. View the following settings:
    • Super Tenant: Identifier indicating the super tenant.
    • Tenant Group: Identifier indicating the tenant group.
    • Last Modified: Date and time the two-way handshake was completed.