Image Management

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Salesforce B2C Commerce's Image Management System enables you to create a matrix of images for each product.

You use images on your storefront to enhance the customer buying experience. The Image Management System supports:

  1. Multiple images per product, along with multi-dimensional access to individual images and image subsets for variation products and variation product attributes
  2. Image annotation with alt text and image title
  3. Images located both within B2C Commerce and externally
Note: Product image management relies on the explicit assignment of images to products. There is no pattern-based image lookup.

The Image Management System accesses images, from B2C Commerce and external systems, by their URL reference. You specify the image location in the context of a catalog. A catalog can either specify an internal or an external image location. The default location (if no location has been specified) points to the related internal catalog base directory.

System URL Address
Internal The system knows the first part of the URL (server address, other URL parts). You specify a base image path, for example, "/images/foo/".

You provide the first part of the URL. Specify an http URL or an https URL (protocol, server address, other URL parts).

For example:

http url = ""

https url = ""

The image location and the relative image path are stored separately.

  • The image location is stored with the catalog.
  • The relative image path is stored with the product (for example, "bar/your_image.gif").
Note: You can configure a product image URL with a path up to 1800 characters. Together with the host path configured with a catalog's image settings, you can specify image URLs with up to 2056 characters. If you try to configure a longer path, Business Manager shows a warning and doesn't let you save the image settings of that product.

Developer documentation and reference materials are available in English only. Refer to the English-language Infocenter to access this information.

The API class dw.content.MediaFile provides a complete URL based on both parts. See the B2C Commerce API documentation for more information.

When assigning images to products, consider the following:

  • View Types
  • Image Variants
  • Swatches
  • Image Annotations
  • Image Storage
  • Image Transformation The image transformation service.