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Class ABTest
Object representing an AB-test in Commerce Cloud Digital.

AB-tests provide the merchant the ability to compare one set of storefront "experiences" - promotions, sorting rules, and slot configurations in particular - against another set. The merchant configures different AB-test segments which define the sets of experiences that the merchant wishes to test. AB-tests run for a configured period of time, and customers are randomly assigned by the platform to the test segments according to allocation percentages defined by the merchant.

ID  :  String  (Read Only)
Get the test ID for this AB-test.
Constructor Summary
This class does not have a constructor, so you cannot create it directly.
Method Summary
getID() : String
Get the test ID for this AB-test.
Methods inherited from class PersistentObject
Method Detail
getID() : String
Get the test ID for this AB-test.
the test ID for this AB-test.