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Name Description
Catalog Represents a Commerce Cloud Digital Catalog.
CatalogMgr Provides helper methods for getting categories.
Category Represents a category in a product catalog.
CategoryAssignment Represents a category assignment in Commerce Cloud Digital.
CategoryLink A CategoryLink represents a directed relationship between two catalog categories.
PriceBook Represents a price book.
PriceBookMgr Price book manager provides methods to access price books.
Product Represents a product in Commerce Cloud Digital.
ProductActiveData Represents the active data for a Product in Commerce Cloud Digital.
ProductAttributeModel Class representing the complete attribute model for products in the system.
ProductAvailabilityLevels Encapsulates the quantity of items available for each availability status.
ProductAvailabilityModel The ProductAvailabilityModel provides methods for retrieving all information on availability of a single product.
ProductInventoryList The ProductInventoryList provides access to ID, description and defaultInStockFlag of the list.
ProductInventoryMgr This manager provides access to inventory-related objects.
ProductInventoryRecord The ProductInventoryRecord holds information about a Product's inventory, and availability.
ProductLink The class represents a link between two products.
ProductMgr Provides helper methods for getting products based on Product ID or Catalog.
ProductOption Represents a product option.
ProductOptionModel This class represents the option model of a specific product and for a specific currency.
ProductOptionValue Represents the value of a product option.
ProductPriceInfo Simple class representing a product price point.
ProductPriceModel ProductPriceModel provides methods to access all the PriceBook information of a product.
ProductPriceTable A ProductPriceTable is a map of quantities to prices representing the potentially tiered prices of a product in Commerce Cloud Digital.
ProductSearchHit ProductSearchHit is the result of a executed search query and wraps the actual product found by the search.
ProductSearchModel The class is the central interface to a product search result and a product search refinement.
ProductSearchRefinementDefinition This class provides an interface to refinement options for the product search.
ProductSearchRefinements This class provides an interface to refinement options for the product search.
ProductSearchRefinementValue Represents the value of a product search refinement.
ProductVariationAttribute Represents a product variation attribute
ProductVariationAttributeValue Represents a product variation attribute
ProductVariationModel Class representing the complete variation information for a master product in the system.
Recommendation Represents a recommendation in Commerce Cloud Digital.
SearchModel Common search model base class.
SearchRefinementDefinition Common search refinement definition base class.
SearchRefinements Common search refinements base class.
SearchRefinementValue Represents the value of a product or content search refinement.
SortingOption Represents an option for how to sort products in storefront search results.
SortingRule Represents a product sorting rule for use with the ProductSearchModel.
Store Represents a store in Commerce Cloud Digital.
StoreGroup Represents a store group.
StoreMgr Provides helper methods for getting stores based on id and querying for stores based on geolocation.
Variant Represents a variant of a product variation.
VariationGroup Class representing a group of variants within a master product who share a common value for one or more variation attribute values.