System Objects

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Extending objects can help you gather more information from your customers, tailor your storefront site to show more information to the consumer, and enable you to process orders more efficiently, depending upon your back office needs.

Using the System Object Type module you can:

  • View all of the system object types
  • View all of the attributes defined to a system object
  • Edit those attributes including creating new attribute values
  • View attribute groupings
  • Create new attribute groups

Customize attribute definitions of some system objects to suit your individual site needs. For instance, you can add an additional attribute to the CustomerAddress system object to record an evening phone number or modify custom preferences as custom attributes of the system objects: OrganizationPreferences and SitePreferences (which govern global preferences for all sites and site-specific preferences, respectively).

In addition to adding a customized attribute, you can also choose how to group those attributes through this same module.

Note: Custom preference attributes that have been marked as mandatory can't be updated with empty values in either Business Manager or import.