Create a Role

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A role is a named group of permissions. For example, you can group all of the permissions related to catalog management into a role called Catalog Manager. You can then assign this role to the user whose job it is to manage the catalog.

The SiteGenesis application contains several roles predefined for your convenience, such as the Administrator role. You can import and export these roles. Use the roles without modification or customize them to suit your application needs. If necessary, you can remove the roles and create your own set of roles. Make sure you grant at least one user with access to the Roles and Permissions module.

To manage roles and permissions, you must have permissions to the Roles & Permissions module. To add a new user and to manage user login and credential information, you must have permissions to the Users module. To assign or unassign roles to users, you must have permissions to both the Users module and the Roles & Permissions module.

If you don't have a user with access to the Roles and Permissions module, contact Commerce Cloud Support to reinstate access to this module.

Note: A list of assigned roles also appears on the Roles page of a user definition.
  1. Select Administration > Organization > Roles & Permissions.
    Roles marked with a yellow triangle are security-sensitive. They have permission to manage users or access roles or both. Use care when changing these roles so you don't give access privileges to the wrong users.
  2. Click New.
  3. On the General tab, define or edit general information and click Apply.

    A role's ID is limited to:

    • letters (including non-Latin)
    • numbers
    • whitespace
    • special characters: _ ! " & \ ' ( ) + - . , / : < > ? @ [ ]

    IDs with not-allowed characters are rejected and the access role can't be created or imported.

  4. On the Users tab, select users and click Assign.
    To use the Users tab to assign users to a role, you must also have permissions to the Users module.