Store Geolocation Data

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Salesforce B2C Commerce provides geolocation databases you can use for testing.

The provided geolocation databases are for the United States and Germany. These geolocations are pre-loaded at the database level and used by the SiteGenesis application store locater feature. This data is primarily intended for testing because you purchase and upload your own database for your implementation.

As part of the instance setup, you can also expand your application to include ZIP codes from external databases. You can use this instance setup to perform basic validation on the data once it's loaded. Because the geolocation information becomes less accurate over time, Salesforce recommends that you regularly import updated geolocation data.

If you need information on the IP address lookup geolocation feature, see Creating Customer Promotions Based On Login Location.

Note: The geolocation module is only visible if your administrator has assigned the module to the appropriate roles.

Load and test geolocation on the staging instance, then transfer it to production as part of the normal data replication process. Store geolocations are replicated as part of the Reference Data organization-level replication task.

You can use the B2C Commerce APIs to search for stores programmatically.

Geolocation Lookup

Select Administration > Global Preferences > Store Locator Data. You can perform a simple lookup of an imported geolocation record based on a country selection and a ZIP code or postal code.

The result is City, State/Province, Postal Code. Latitude, and Longitude.

You can also perform a geolocation lookup for IP addresses, and view diagnostic information that can help diagnose issues with improper IP address data