Scheduling Instance Backups for a Staging Instance

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You can schedule staging instance backups.

Note: The instance backup is only available for staging instances. To backup a production or development instance, use the job framework and setup a backup in a production or development instance.
  1. Select Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export.
  2. Click Scheduled Backups.
  3. On the Instance Backup Configurations page, click New or select an existing job.
  4. On the Edit (or New) Backup Configuration page, enter the relevant information and click Apply.
    Option Description
    Configuration Name Name of the backup configuration
    Enabled Indicates whether backup configuration is enabled
    Job Settings Max backups to keep (1, 3, or 5)
    Job Schedule When to start, at what time, and how frequently
  5. Select the data to include in the backup. You can be as granular or as inclusive as you want.
  6. Click Apply.
If a staging instance export or backup fails for any reason, Salesforce B2C Commerce still generates a .zip file, but appends the suffix "-invalid" to the filename. Salesforce recommends that you establish a mechanism to detect if an invalid file is produced.