POD Notification E-mails. Point of Delivery E-mails

Salesforce Commerce Cloud PRO Tips

Hi guys! and Welcome to another Chapter of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Pro Tips series.

This time I want to talk you about POD E-mail Notifications (Point of Delivery).

Have you ever experienced issues while trying to connect to the Business Manager or Account Manager? Did your sandbox experience a downgrade of performance? Did you realize suddenly that your sandboxes are under maintenance without further notice?

To solve that, Salesforce provides you access to the Status portal where you can subscribe to your POD number to be notified if something is not working as it should be or to be aware of scheduled maintenances.

In the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Status portal you can check as well that all services like B2C Core, Account Manager, Cart Service, eCDN or Payment Service are working fine (Available), or have a performance degradation, Service Disruption or are under Maintenance.

All you need to do is to know your POD Number. But do not worry, it’s easy to know it because it’s present on the Log Center URL. First three numbers in the URL corresponds with the POD number while the last two are to distinguish about Primary or Secondary instances Group.

NOTE: To access to the Log Center platform. In the Business Manager click under the Administration > Site Development > Development setup > Log Center link.

Once you have the POD number you’re ready to visit the Status Page and Subscribe your POD notifications to be aware of issues in your e-commerce or planned maintenance windows.

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