SFCC 101: Unveiling the World of E-commerce Development

A Beginner's Guide to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

This introductory course provides a comprehensive overview of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, making it the perfect starting point for those who want to understand and harness the capabilities of this e-commerce platform. Whether you’re a business owner looking to enhance your online presence or a developer seeking to create custom solutions, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in the world of e-commerce.

  • Dive into Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s origins and discover its advantages for online businesses.
  • Explore the various solutions within Salesforce Commerce Cloud, including SFRA, Site Genesis, PWA, OCAPI/SCAPI, and Composable Storefronts, enabling you to tailor the user experience and enhance sales efficiency.
  • Learn how to get started with programming in SFCC, including insights into Sandbox, Commerce Cloud User, and Account Manager.
  • Gain proficiency with essential SFCC tools such as Business Manager, Account Manager, Log Center, Control Center, Einstein cQuotient, Reports & Dashboards, and more to effectively manage your online business and improve results.
  • Discover the Salesforce Commerce Cloud certification program, offering certifications like SFCC Certified Developer and SFCC Certified Architect for those aspiring to build a career in e-commerce.
  • Access valuable resources for further learning, including documentation sources like Infocenter, Trailhead, Partner Learning Camp, Developer Center, and Slack.
  1. Unveiling the Power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Introduction
    1. Welcome to Salesforce Commerce Cloud
    2. Demandware: The Origin of Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  2. Transform Your Business with Leading Solutions of Salesforce Commerce Cloud
    1. SFRA: Storefront Reference Architecture
    2. Commerce Cloud APIs: OCAPI & SCAPI
    3. PWA: Embracing Progressive WebApps
    4. Composable Storefronts
  3. Preparing Your SFCC Development Environment
    1. Getting Started with Easy Programming using a Sandbox Environment
    2. Salesforce Commerce Cloud User
    3. Account Manager: Managing Your B2C Commerce Cloud Account
  4. Explore the Knowledge Source: SFCC Documentation
    1. Infocenter: Salesforce B2C Commerce Infocenter
    2. Trailhead – The Most Enjoyable Learning Journey
    3. Partner Learning Camp
    4. Developer Center: Salesforce Developers’ Hub
    5. Slack: Developer and Architect Community in Commerce Cloud
    6. Other Resources for Learning SFCC
  5. Discover Advanced Tools of SFCC
    1. Maximizing Business Efficiency with the Business Manager
    2. Account Manager
    3. Gaining Valuable Insights from Your Site with Salesforce Log Center
    4. Take Control of Your E-commerce Site with Salesforce Control Center
    5. Einstein cQuotient: Unleashing the Power of Data
    6. Harnessing Data with Reports & Dashboards
  6. Become an SFCC Expert: Certification Program
    1. Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer
    2. Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Architect

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