Feature Switches

Salesforce Commerce Cloud PRO Tips

Hi guys! and Welcome to the First Chapter of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Pro Tips series.

This time I want to introduce you the Feature Switches. Feature Switches is a menu option that you can find in your instance under the Administration> Global Preferences > Feature Switches.

As you can see there are several features listed there and those features are the result of the requested functionalities by people like you or me (Developers, Merchants, Architects or Administrators) that are working closely with Commerce Cloud and they realize that something is missing or can be improved.

The IdeaExchange portal is the way you have to suggest for new Salesforce Commerce Cloud features and vote others proposals.

As a result Salesforce Commerce Cloud introduce from time to time those ideas in their new releases and others arrive as Feature Switches options (to be tested and decide if they are included in the core business or discarded).

You can take a look deeper later in your sandbox or in your preferred instance… but the most important and interesting features in my opinion we have there are:

  1. The capability to enable Promotions as a Search Refinements.
  2. The chance to skip web adapter cache by using query strings (This is very useful if your site is kind of under attack or suffering a lot of scrapping).

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