Salesforce Commerce Cloud: New Features and Enhancements in the May 2024 Update (Release 24.5)

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) has launched its latest monthly update for May 2024, Release 24.5, which began rolling out on April 23 and is expected to complete by May 30, 2024. To know when these updates will be deployed to your instances, Salesforce provides a deployment schedule calendar. To use this calendar, you must know the POD number of your instances. If you’re unsure, this article explains how to find your POD number. Remember that secondary instances (Sandboxes) are usually deployed before primary ones (Development, Staging, and Production). Here are some of the new features and innovations introduced in this release. If you need more information, a link to the detailed release notes is provided at the end of this article.

Key Features in Release 24.5:

  • Order Access Security with Allowlist: This feature enhances security by allowing only specific users or IP addresses to access orders.
  • Improved Security with eCDN WAFv2: A new version of the web application firewall adds layers of security to the platform.
  • Minimum Period for WAF Log Recovery: A minimum period of five minutes is set for WAF log recovery to ensure consistent performance.
  • Refine and Personalize Promotions: This feature allows more flexibility in creating and refining promotions using custom product attributes, as well as enum-of-string and enum-of-int attributes. This resolves a previous limitation where users couldn’t set up promotions with these specific types of custom attributes.

Updates to the Script API:

For developers, several notable changes have been made to the Script API: More detailed information can be found on the SFCC Infocenter’s release notes.