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Salesforce Commerce Cloud PRO Tips

Hi guys! and Welcome to another Chapter of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Pro Tips series.

This time I want to talk you about Log Error E-mail Notifications. Have you ever tried to fix a bug that is hard to reproduce? Do you know that something is not working as expected but you don’t know when the error is happening?

To solve that Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides you a tool called Log Center. To access to this platform you will need proper permissions (ask for it to your account administrator if needed)

In the Business Manager click under the Administration > Site Development > Development setup > Log Center link.

A screen like this will be shown with your instance log messages. All you need to do is:

  1. Perform a search.
  2. Expand the drop down to show the save search link.
  3. Fill the pop-up input field with the search name.
  4. Check the enable notification checkbox to be able to show the Advanced Settings like the notification email address and the time interval.

By doing this, each time (according the configuration you have defined) that the specified error threshold is reached, an e-mail will be sent to the address you have entered.

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